Unlocking the potential of food


It’s #DietitiansDay today with a theme we love - unlocking the #potentialoffood.

That’s because we know food is more than nutrients and taste - it provides us with a means to feel, heal, fuel, perform, discover, enjoy and more.

Food brings us together – there is nothing better than sitting down with others to eat and talk through the topics of the day. We aren’t all in the position to do this every day with all members of the household, but when you do, it is a special time to cherish – just like our ambassador Lisa Carrington highlights in her recent #IAMPROUD video.

Lisa also talks about how important every meal matters when it comes to how her body performs – as her fuel, combined with training and focus, day in and day out. And cooking is one way Lisa relaxes, unwinding after a busy day. She has expanded her culinary knowledge and had fun along the way.

As a registered nutritionist and someone who has worked with the meat industry for some time, I really do appreciate what I’ve learnt about the cuts of meat and using them with a cooking technique that best suits the cut. This means making the most out of a meal by using ingredients to their full potential. Whether it’s a simple stir-fry or slow cook or any dish I am pulling together, I cast my eye over it nutritionally, but just as important is how it looks, tastes and appeals to the kids.  Through family meals and snacks on the run, I endeavour to show my two boys how to get the best out every mouthful - it's a lifelong skill that we are all learning along the way.

Get the full potential out of your meat cuts here.

Brooke CampbellComment