Our Favourite French recipes to celebrate Bastille Day with

You don’t need to be a French national to cook like one!

Add a little je ne sais quoi to the menu this Bastille Day with these recipes that all have French flair.. Also known as French National Day, Bastille Day occurs on July 14. In France, it’s known as La fête nationale or Le quatorze juillet. Even if you aren’t French or have never been to France, with these recipes, celebrating Bastille Day will be a treat.

1. French Style Navarin of Lamb with Vegetables


We can’t think of any better way to celebrate all things French than with this delicious and beautifully crafted Navarin of lamb with vegetables. This recipe can be made in a slow cooker - just be sure to keep an eye on the liquid levels!

2. Buckwheat Crepes

This buckwheat crêpe recipe is definitely worth the effort. It’s one of those fun recipes where you can do away with precise measurements and be creative with what you have on hand. Add fresh herbs, wilted greens or cottage cheese to the minced filling for a lighter version.

3. Spiced Lamb Cutlets with Ratatouille


Breath new life into this French classic with this quick and easy Spiced Lamb Cutlets with Ratatouille recipe that the whole family will love. If you wish you can also replace the lamb cutlets with lamb round or topside steaks.

4. Beef, Goat’s Cheese and Onion Tarts

These Beef, Goat’s Cheese and Onion Tarts will transport you to France and are perfect for a lunch or picnic, or as delicious 'nibbles' pre-dinner, these super-easy tarts are a surefire winner.

5. Burgundy Beef with a Cracked Crust

This is a twist on the traditional Boeuf Bourguignon, which is usually made with steak and takes hours to make. With this recipe, you get the same delicious French flavours, but it’s a smidgen of the work!

6. Lamb Bourguignon

Look on the bright side of winter’s slow wind-down—there’s still time to cross a classic dish off your must-cook list. This recipe puts a twist on the famed French bourguignon with New Zealand lamb taking center-stage (or, more appropriately, center-stew) from the more traditional beef. The meat is slow-roasted in aromatic red wine until tender, then paired up with its dinner partners: roasted mushrooms, onions and bacon for a hearty bowl of Burgundy flavor.

7. Country Beef Casserole


The French really know how to make great stews. Here is one of them .This Country Beef Casserole is made extra special with a bready topping. It will leave everyone coming back for more!

8. Roasted Lamb Rumps with Herb & Mustard Butter


This wonderful roasted lamb rump with fresh herbs and mustard butter is the perfect way to welcome in Bastille Day. French The fresh herb and mustard butter is a beautiful compliment to this lamb dish. The addition of Dijon in the herb butter is a real winner.

9. Mustard Pan-Fried Scotch Fillet with Bearnaise Sauce


As far as we're concerned these juicy hunks of meat, oozy béarnaise, thick cut potato chips and steamed vegetables are the very definition of comfort. If you’re looking to celebrate Bastille Day with a scotch fillet steak, then this is the perfect recipe to try out!

10. Cow and Gate Tart


This recipe delivers a dense and delicious savoury tart. You can load it into a picnic basket and take it on an adventure or devour it warmed through at home with some rocket on the side.

11. Grilled Beef Steaks with Orange Lentils and Bearnaise Sauce


This recipe elevates your classic steak dish through its inclusion of orange lentils and rich and creamy Bearnaise sauce. Great for a special supper dish or weekend treat.

13. Scotch Fillet Steak with Blue Cheese Butter


This Scotch Fillet Steak is ramped up with a tangy, creamy blue cheese and thyme leaf compound butter. The French love blue cheese and with recipes like this, you can see why!

14. Slow Roast Beef with fresh Herb Pesto

The fuss-free nature of this roast beef dish makes it a favourite in my home. While it's finishing cooking, simply reheat the cream-loaded potato gratin, then all that's required is a salad or a bowl of steaming hot, buttered seasonal greens to accompany.


15. Lamb Rump Roast with tender Greens & Hollandaise Sauce


The French seems to love Lamb as much as we do, and with recipes like this lamb rump roast with tender greens and hollandaise sauce it’s not hard to see why!

16. French-Style Spring Lamb Bowl


This recipe pairs tender lamb rump with braised spring vegetables to deliver a complete meal that tastes sensational. A combination of lemon, garlic and a garnishing of marjoram - could it get any better?