New Year, New Me…but probably not.


New Year, new me! That mantra we all repeat to ourselves as we wake up – perhaps with a dusty head – on 1st January feeling a little sorry for ourselves. After the overindulgences of the Christmas holidays, you put on that favourite pair of jeans to suddenly find they’re a little tighter than they used to be.

So, you begin to formulate a complicated list of ‘New Year’s resolutions’ that will change you from ‘dad-bod’ to ‘demigod’. You promise yourself you’ll follow them religiously this time. You even incentivise yourself and say you’ll buy that little something you’ve had your eye on at the end of January if you’re still going strong.

But fast forward a week or two and the realities of life kick in. The summer party invites are still flowing in, the pressures of work/life balance haven’t gone anywhere and you find yourself breaking those sacred resolutions that you promised to keep.

So, in the spirit of bettering ourselves, but being firmly rooted in the real world we’ve come up with some suggestions that aren’t going to change you overnight but are achievable and will help you make a positive change to your lifestyle in 2019.

1) Be a plant-based meat eater.

We love beef and lamb as much as the next person… in fact more than the next person. But that doesn’t mean we don’t eat plenty of veges too. A simple to follow rule, make sure three quarters of your plate is plant-based food. This can be veges, grains, legumes and nuts.

Read more HERE.

2) Make your meat go further.

We’ve all done it, you’ve cooked up a culinary masterpiece for the family with a big piece of meat. You all eat your fill and the leftovers are relegated to the fridge and put on the ‘deal with that later’ list. Nek minute, you’ve peered under the tin foil to find a clammy, unappetising horror show that you issue with a one-way ticket to the bin. 2019 is the year you start making your meat go further.

HERE are some of our leftover tips.

3) Eat socially.

We’re an office of parents at Beef + Lamb so we know what it’s like to be busy. Dropping the kids off at school, organising the sausage sizzle for the local toy library, rushing the dog to the vet because he’s eaten another golf ball. And that’s just Monday. Being busy means you often eat on the move. But make sure you take time to sit down and eat with friends and family. Lock the devises away and spend some quality time with the ones you love.

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4) Variety is the spice of life.

That tried and tested recipe that you know your family love is always a great go-to when you’ve got whip something up quickly. But don’t be scared to try something new. Challenge yourself to cook something different, something you’ve never had before, something that will make your friends and family sit up and say ‘yummmmm’.

Here is a selection of recipes that are little out of the square.