Can healthy = quick and easy?

If there’s one recipe you must try it’s our homemade beef burgers with grilled vegetables. We decided to eliminate the bun to create a fun, deconstructed Kiwi classic.

This recipe will become a sure favourite if only for the simple fact everyone loves a good burger!

We often talk about the foundations of a healthy diet being centred on plenty of fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and good sources of protein such as lean red meat.  Avoiding too much junk food is a given if we want to maintain a healthy weight and feel good about ourselves.

However, after a busy day at work ‘healthy’ is less of a priority than ‘quick’ and ‘easy’.
There’s no need to visit a drive-thru when our beef burgers cook in only 20 minutes and better still, kids can get involved with the prep by helping to mould the patties.
Our praise report of this recipe wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its power pack of nutrients. After devouring one of these homemade burgers you’re sure to feel the positive effects of iron, zinc and selenium – all essential nutrients needed for optimal health.

Defrost the mince, grab a mixing bowl and cook your veggies until tender – we can’t think of a better way to enjoy an evening!

Brooke Campbell