The history behind the Beef and Lamb New Zealand Quality Mark

Quality ingredients are a vital part of any recipe and when it comes to selecting the very best quality beef and lamb, you need look no further than the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark.

Established in 1997, the Quality Mark is your assurance the beef and lamb you buy is New Zealand grown, consistently lean and tender. Only beef and lamb that has met the highest quality standards such as eating quality and food safety can hold the Quality Mark.

Carne technologies in Hamilton perform eating quality tests. Here, scientists test for tenderness, percentage cooking loss in weight, marbling, colour, water binding capacity and pH.  The Quality Mark's integrity is guaranteed through regular auditing at every step in the production chain, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.

To be confident you're buying the very best New Zealand has to offer, look for the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark. If it makes the cut, it earns the mark. Why would you choose anything less?

Brooke Campbell