Don’t Judge a book by its cover

When it comes to what inspires us visually, we’re all pretty different. Take a look at my pinterest board compared to my friends and I guarantee you’d find a difference in tastes. And as hard as we try, we can’t replicate taste in a photo (surely there must be technology underway to make that happen - sign us up!). So even though most of the team drooled over the Pulled Beef Nachos photography, it didn’t quite grab me the same way some of others do. However, one day a colleague was simply raving about the recipe and to be honest my mouth started watering as she talked about the smell of delicious spices and the tender meat that fell apart on her fork.  That old saying popped into my head ‘never judge a book by its cover’ and with my other senses kicking in, I decided to give it a go. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. At all.

This recipe is truly something else. The right combination of spices, meat and beans that’s easy to throw together and let caramelise beautifully to create a meal that can only be described as divine.  Hubby, fussy kids and I all devoured it, leaving nothing remaining for leftovers the next day - much to my dismay!  That was months ago now and since then this meal has become my go-to. Be it a basic week night meal or catering for a crowd, I use this recipe all the time.  It’s easy to prepare yet the results are top notch.  My daughter has just turned eleven and guess what she picked for her birthday meal?  Yep, Pulled Beef Nachos made by yours truly.  A true testament that this recipe appeals to all ages.  And what can be better than doing the hard work earlier so that when guests arrive your dinner has already been cooking for hours in the oven - you can tease everyone with the amazing aroma and yet have time to enjoy that pre dinner drink before they marvel at the most amazing nachos they’ve ever eaten.  A true winter winner, and my favourite – don’t let your eyes tell you otherwise.

Click here for the recipe. You won't regret it!

Brooke Campbell