Why are we pulling a giant lamb chop around the country?


You may have heard about National Lamb Day. In fact, we hope you have! And this year, to make sure even more Kiwis are in the know we thought we’d do something mighty massive to spread the word. LAMBO- our 6.5m high, replica of the most juicy, delicious lamb chop you ever did see.

We’ve got Marty Shanahan aka. The Backyard Cook on board to drive this beauty around the country in his bright orange ‘Lamb Rover’ visiting other giant ingredients along the way. Because the other thing about us Kiwis, is that we seem to have a love of everything that’s over-sized. Kumaras, carrots, stone fruit, gumboots, sheep, dogs, trouts… you name it. All of this, in the name of drumming up support for National Lamb Day, fast approaching on May 24.

Want to get in behind it and support our farmers? It’s simple - enjoy NZ lamb on National Lamb Day. We’ve got some other ideas here - Buy it. Cook it. Eat out. We would love to see how you’re celebrating so if you’re all about taking snaps of what you’re eating (just like us), use our hashtag #NationalLambDay. Enjoy Kiwis!

Brooke Campbell