What is it about pies?

What is it about pies? Just writing the very word, pie, has conjured up images of steaming, tender filling and flaky, buttery pastry - it’s a shame it’s past lunch-time as we’re writing this… although dinner on the other-hand…

We’re sure we’re not alone in being pie lovers. In fact, it’s common knowledge that our humble nation is partial to indulging in a delicious pie from time to time - during a road-trip, tomato sauce atop or cosied up on a chilly winter’s eve; the number of pie-eating occasions that come to mind are endless.

And so, we felt it our duty to equip you with our favourite pie recipes and hopefully, tempt you into trying one of these this week. And who says you have to wait for pie-day Friday? Pies are best served any day of the week, rain or shine, fuss-free or for a special occasion. Go on and give in to the pie temptation - it’ll be well worth your time!