Celebrating Kate Fay, Cibo Parnell

Kate Fay_2.JPG

Yesterday, on National Lamb Day of all days, we celebrated an amazing women and extraordinary talent, Kate Fay - Head Chef at Cibo in Parnell.

Proving to a full-house, exactly why we are so proud to have Kate represent us, last night she hosted an specially-designed degustation meal in recognition of National Lamb Day. It was at this event that our CEO, Rod Slater presented Kate with her platinum status - which means she now holds a lifetime spot as a beef and lamb ambassador. Kate is only the ninth chef in New Zealand to receive a platinum ambassadorship and as an office full of women, we’re really excited that she’s the first female to achieve this accolade.

Watching Kate in action last night, was incredibly inspirational. Not only does she work her way around the kitchen so flawlessly and effortlessly, the way in which her team follow her lead with complete admiration and trust is something truly special. Cibo is somewhat of an institution in New Zealand and the culture that Kate has fostered is largely why. Yes, the food is incredible; the service is immaculate and the location, understatedly beautiful but the atmosphere and vibe is something else. If you haven’t yet visited Cibo we highly recommend you do and make sure to say hi to Kate in the kitchen, she’s always up for a chat.

Oh and one last thing, Kate’s lamb sausage rolls… you can’t leave without trying them. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

To meet Kate, click here.