A royal wedding party

Beef + Lamb cordially invites you to celebrate the matrimony of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Ms Rachel Meghan Markle. Here are our five top tips to have a right ol’ Royal knees up.

  • Meet and greet with meat: Her Majesty is reportedly a T-bone girl herself and always insists on guests being served the most delicious meaty morsels. If it’s good enough for The Queen it’s good enough for us. We suggest Quality Mark New Zealand beef and lamb with some of our recipes below to give your guests the royal seal of approval. 
  • Get a Guest List: draw up a guest list of friends and family that you want to share this most joyous of occasions with.
  • Fail to prepare, prepare to fail: as a host one must always appear organised. Keep your guests well fed and their glasses filled at all times. Even if your kitchen looks like the aftermath of Prince Harry’s stag party, appearances must be kept up.
  • Dress code: Ma’am always prefers to keep up dress standards – you should always look like you own the bank, rather than need a loan from the bank.
  • Ask guests to leave politely: there is always a guest that stays longer than the mother-in-law at Christmas. We suggest a few polite pointers on how to gently chivvy one’s guests out of the door: make a joke of it; stop topping up their glasses; a subtle yawn; or if all else fails we suggest popping one’s jarmys on and shepherding them to the door.

Tune in to TVNZ1 at 9.05pm for The Royal Wedding Live.

Brooke Campbell