The Royal Tour: Ten Meals Fit For Harry And Meghan

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, better known to the world as Harry and Meghan, are full swing into their whirlwind royal tour of New Zealand.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, Meghan is dedicated to creating and eating healthy meals that also taste really great. she used to pen a lifestyle blog with a focus on food (called The Tig). It turns out that Meghan can’t go without pasta and steak. She even has her own tip for making steak tender and delicious: a squirt of lemon. "Nobody tastes the lemon, but it really brings out the steak's flavor."

For his part, Harry is a fan of traditional English fare and loves lamb and meals like Sunday Roasts and Shepherd’s Pie.

Her Majesty is reportedly a T-bone girl herself and always insists on guests being served the most delicious meaty morsels. If it’s good enough for The Queen it’s good enough for us. We suggest Quality Mark New Zealand beef and lamb with some of our recipes below to give your guests the royal seal of approval.

With that in mind, here are ten dishes, inspired by Harry, Meghan, and the rest of the Royals, that will help you have a right ol’ Royal knees up.