Why eating together is healthier for families

In this day and age of increasing numbers of people challenged with mental health issues, it is vital to know that food is more than a fuel and a provider of all important nutrients. The sharing of kai around a table is about meaningful connection, the sharing of ideas, arguing, laughing, caring, crying, making new friends, trying new foods and expressing love.

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You're important too

Having recently taken on the title of ‘working mum’, I’ve come to notice a trend among those of us who wear this badge; we are pretty good at putting others first! How often do you double-check the kids faces are clean only to walk out of the house in mismatching shoes? Or prepare a special meal for the baby only to find yourself picking at the leftovers for lunch? Mothers are a hard-working bunch but maybe we are a wee bit slack when it comes to self-care.

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NUTRITIONBrooke Campbell